Eruv Certificate


English Translation of Certificate:

Certificate of Eruv Kashruth

At the request of the Rabbis of Cherry Hill, Rabbi Ephraim Epstein and Rabbi Bernard Rothman, I have had the opportunity to personally inspect and review the community Eruv. The Eruv was originally constructed by my dear friend the late Rav Shimon Eider of blessed memory. It is evident that the Eruv is in complete consonance with Torah law and the Customs of Israel.

The Eruv begins from the corner of Kings Highway and Route 70 . It then proceeds north on Cooper Landing Road until the hospital. It continues behind the hospital and down Chapel Avenue until Haddonfield Road. From Haddonfield Road it continues on Rt. 38 heading eastward until Church Road. The Eruv continues until Surrey Road and proceeds until Kings Highway and completes itself back at the corner of King Highway and Rt. 70. The Eruv is supervised regularly by a team of dedicated volunteers under the direction of the local Rabbi.

Therefore I proclaim that this Eruv is reliably kosher Lemehadrin. Anyone and everyone may rely on this Eruv like Jews do all over the world. I therefore sign my name on this Wednesday of Parshat Reeh, the 26th of Av, 5768.

HaRav Moshe ben HaRAv Chaim Gedalya Heineman from Baltimore