Young Families

Congregation Sons of Israel has a growing number of young families who have come to love this community.  The following are some quotes to provide a sample of some perspectives. Of course, we encourage anyone interested in the community to come for a visit and experience Cherry Hill for yourself.
“What a warm and welcoming community; when we moved in this past summer, we were invited to so many barbeques that weeks went by before we had dinner at home for seven consecutive days.”

“We could not wait to move into this community!  We would drive around the streets of Cherry Hill for what seemed like forever trying to mentally will houses to go on sale.  Nine years later, seeing how our children have grown and the friends we have all made, we could not think of a more welcoming place to be.”

“The day we moved in, people seemed to have known we were coming; they showed-up at our door, boxes in hand, ready to help.”

“The first season that Sons of Israel entered the softball league we made it all the way to the World Series.  We had to forfeit the game, but as we always say, we’ll get ‘em next year.”

“When my wife and I first came to seek out a community in which to live, we randomly stumbled into Cherry Hill.  We were hosted by the most gracious of families that escorted us to shul.  After davening on shabbos morning, we were greeted so warmly, and by so many people, that we never even made it to the Kiddush.  Coming from a place in which the culture is to not even say good shabbos to people that you see every week, it was quite a welcome change. That’s when we knew that we found our home.”

“My kids cannot wait until Succos; they absolutely love the Succah Hop!  What a unique experience; for me it having members of the community open their doors to families to truly demonstrate the adage of “love thy neighbor.”  I adore walking through the streets of Cherry Hill, greeting fellow SOI members, all on their way to - or from - friends sharing in the joy of the holiday.  Of course, if you ask my children, it’s all about the candy…”

“This community is a gem. The combination of great housing at affordable prices, wonderful activities for kids, excellent schools, and a warm chevra is just awesome.”