Educational Programs

Talmud Torah Knegged Kulam – The study of Torah is paramount (Peah 1). Torah study is not only a means towards knowledge and intellectual growth, but it is also an end unto itself. The study of Torah is the mitzvah that unlocks the door to the endless depth and beauty of Jewish life. Rav Hutner zt”l remarked that there are two types of pleasure in this world - namely, bread and cake. Bread represents the staples of life, i.e. food, clothing, shelter… Cake represents the luxuries in life, i.e. hobbies, pursuits, enjoyment……. The only ingredient in the entire world that is both bread and cake is Torah. Without learning Torah, one may not know how to live as a Jew. Torah is also the ultimate spiritual delicacy, as King David remarks: Luley Toratecha Shaahshuay…. Were it not for Torah my precious joy……
    At Congregation Sons of Israel, we aim to provide the bread and the cake to Jews of all backgrounds. We welcome beginners as well as advanced scholars and encourage them all to participate and study Torah. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes/programs.

Our educational offerings include the following:
•    Daily Mishnah Class after Minyan each morning
•    Classes just about every night of the week with different teachers
•    Longstanding Thursday Night Beit Midrash program
•    Talmud/Mishnah classes Shabbat morning
•    Rabbi’s class Shabbat afternoon
•    Rabbi’s weekly class for women
•    Rabbi’s Executive Learning Series
•    Scholars in Residence throughout the year
•    Periodic Shabbat Institute with many learning options
•    Other lectures and Melavah Malkas
•    New Adult Cheder for seniors planned for this year

For more information regarding educational opportunities at Congregation Sons of Israel, please contact Rabbi Ephraim Epstein at 856 667-9700 x1.