Vaad Hakashrut

Cherry K Vaad Hakashruth
720 Cooper Landing Road
Cherry Hill, NJ  08002
(856) 667-9700

Rabbi Ephraim Epstein, Rav Hamachshir
Rabbi Bernard Rothman, Founding Rav
Richard Bernstein, DMD, President

FAQ Updated November 2008

Over time, many people have expressed an interest in the history and configuration of our local Vaad Hakashruth.  In an attempt to answer some of these questions, we have put together the following Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any additional questions or would like to become involved with our Vaad Hakashruth, please contact Rabbi Epstein or Dr. Richard Bernstein,  – we are always looking for volunteers.  

What is the history of the Vaad?
History of the Vaad: The Tri County Vaad Hakashruth began in 1966 as a non-profit organization under the leadership of Rabbi Bernard Rothman. It has served the Kashruth needs of Cherry Hill and Southern New Jersey for over forty years! In 2002, Rabbi Ephraim Epstein was appointed Rav HaMachshir/Rabbinic Director.

Who exactly is the Vaad?
The Vaad is a non-profit organization, comprised of a Rabbinical Director, an Executive Administrator, a President, Board members and Mashgichim-Overseers that tend to the Kashruth needs of the local community.

How many establishments does the Vaad certify?
Currently the Vaad supervises fifteen establishments – including restaurants, bakeries, retirement and healthcare facilities, and manufacturing and distribution facilities.  

 Why is there a new name for our Vaad – Cherry K?
There are two reasons:
A. For visibility reasons, it was decided that calling ourselves the “Cherry K” Vaad Hakashruth would be more easily identifiable with the Cherry Hill area to Jews from outside the region.

B. Over the years we have been able to improve and upgrade our kosher standards to meet National approval. We require all meat establishments to maintain Hashgachah T’midit – continuous supervision.  All meat products must be recognized Glatt Kosher by national Kashruth organization, i.e., OU, OK, Star K, Kof K.  To signify our advances we have adopted a new name – Cherry K Vaad Hakashruth.
Are other rabbis involved with the Vaad?   
All of the rabbis in the Cherry Hill area are in contact with Rabbi Epstein. They all enjoy an ongoing invitation to walk through and provide insight and advice regarding all of the kosher establishments which Cherry K supervises.

Does the Cherry K enjoy any relationships with National Kashruth agencies?
Indeed, the Cherry K is in constant contact with many national Kashruth agencies. Rabbi Epstein serves on the Rabbinical Council of America’s Kashruth Commission, which works in tandem with the OU in granting certifications internationally. Lin’s Kosher Chinese enjoys a joint certification between the Cherry K and the Circle K. We are investigating the possibility of forming a joint certification with the Kof K on  Classic Cake products.

How can I get involved in the Cherry K?
We welcome volunteers to serve on our Board and/or to help out with community  programming. We are called upon to kosherize people’s homes, we provide community Kashruth education, and serve as the general resource center for Kashruth in Cherry Hill.  If you are interested, please call Rabbi Epstein at (856) 667-9700.

Kashruth News in Cherry Hill

If you have any questions regarding Kashruth and our Vaad, please speak to Rabbi Epstein or Dr. Richard Bernstein.